Types of Documents

AFFIDAVIT AFF Affidavit, Declaration of Domicle
AGREEMENT AGR Agreement, Assumption Agreement, Bill of Sale, Sonsent, Future and Advanced Agreement, Lease, Merger, Promissory Note, Trust, Subordination
AGREEMENT AND/OR CONTRACT FOR DEED AGD Agreements for Deed, Contracts for Deed
ASSIGNMENT ASG Assignment of Anything (Mortgages, Liens, Court Papers)
BOND BND All Bonds (Ie. Performance), Appearance Bond, Bail Bonds
CERTIFICATE CTF Articles of Incorporation, Certificate
CERTIFIED COPY OF A COURT JUDGMENT CCJ Certified copy of a Previously Recorded judgment
CONDOMINIUM, DECLARATION OF CND Declaration of Condominium
COURT PAPER CP Circuit and County Court Papers (Except Probate): Administrative Orders, Appeal, Decree, Dismissal, Execution, Injunction, Letter, Mandate, Motion, Notice of Court Paper, Verdict, Vacation
DEED D Certificate of Title, CO-OP Lease, Deed, Personal Representative Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Property Lease, Timeshare Deed, Tax Deed, Trustee Deed, Warranty Deed, 99-Year Lease
EASEMENT EAS Easement, Right-of-Way, Conservation Easement (Per 704.06)
FINANCING STATEMENT/UCC FIN Financing Statement, UCC-1, UCC-3, Continuations of UCC, Terminations of UCCs-Anything/Everything Related to Financing Statements
GOVERNMENT-RELATED GOV Ordinance, Resolutions, Supervisor of Elections Precincts, Notice of encumbrance Annexation, Vacation of Road
JUDGMENT JUD Court judgment: Bankruptcy, Default judgment, Final judgment on Foreclosure, Quiet Title judgment, Stipulation of Final judgment, Summary judgment, Vacation of judgment
LIEN LN Assessments, Certificate of Indebtedness, Claim of Lien, Code Enforcement, Board Lien, Federal Tax Lien, Lien, Hospital Lien, Tax Lien, Tax Certificate, Tax Warrant
MARRIAGE RECORD MAR The One Page Form of Marriage Application, LIcense, and Certificate
MODIFICATION MOD Modification of Anything (Mortgage, Liens, Court Papers), Extensions of Anything, Continuations of Anything
MORTGAGE MTG Mortgage, Chattel Mortgage
NOTICE NOT Appointment, Approval, By Laws, Commission, Designation of Homestead, Document of Unknown Purpose, “Garbafe” Document, Memorandum, Miscellaneous Document, Notice (Not of Court), Notice of Bond, Oaths, Waiver (Not of Court)
NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT NOC Section 713 Notices of Commencement (Including Bonds when Attached to the Notice of Commencement)
NOTICE OF CONTEST OF LIEN NCL Notice of Contest of Lien
ORDER ORD Orders from the Circuit and County Courts: Final Order, Final Order/Action, Order, Order of Taking
PARTIAL RELEASE PR Partial Release of Anything (Mortgages, Liens, Court Papers)
PLAT RELATED PLR Surveyor’s Certificate/Affidavit, Affidavits/Certificates of Correction to Plat, Surveys, Lot Split Surveys, Vacations of Plat
PROBATE DOCUMENTS PRO Probate Anything: Non-Taxable Certificate, Estate Tax Closing Letter, Guardianship Letter, Letter of Administration, Will
RELEASE REL Release of Anything (Mortgages, Liens, Court Papers), Cancellations of Anything (Mortgages, Liens, Court Papers)
RESTRICTIONS RES Subdivision Restrictions, Condo restrictions, Covenants, Homeowners’ Association Bylaws
SATISFACTION SAT Satisfaction of Anything (Mortgage, Liens, Court Papers)
TERMINATION TER Termination of Power of Attorney and Notice of Commencement
TRANSFER TRA Transfer of Lien to Cash, Transfer of Lien to Bond, Transfer of Lien to Security